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Primary Students and Parents,
During this challenging time, please remember that your teachers, Mrs. Perez, and myself are thinking about you constantly. Here are a few things I want you to remember to do:
1. Wash your hands (Sing the "Happy Birthday" song 2 times)
2. Read or have your parent read to you (30 minutes/day at least)
3. Login to iStation Reading and Math (VERY important at least 30 minutes for each subject a day)
4. Play and relax
5. Enjoy your time with your family
6. Play board games
7. Sing and dance to your favorite songs
8. Keep a journal and draw pictures of your day. You can share your journal with me when we come back to school.
Also, DON'T FORGET that Lunch is served at the Elementary Cafeteria from 10-12 Monday-Friday. You might see me some of these days!!