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Character Counts

In August, our students will learn about the importance of being responsible.  Students will focus on their responsibility for their behavior at school and at home. Responsibility also includes making sure homework is completed and all notes to parents are delivered in a timely manner. 
In September, our students will focus on Cooperation. They will learn the importance of working together. Activities will be designed to allow students to work in a group to accomplish an end product.
In October, our students will focus on Respect and how to be a buddy, not a bully. This character trait goes well with our October celebrations of "Staying Drug Free" and "Bully Free School". It is necessary that students understand that we need to respect ourselves, others, our community, our school, and our country. Lessons will be centered around this topic. Special guests will be invited to the school to read different books about respect to our students. 
November is the perfect month to focus on Gratitude and being thankful for all that we have. Students will be encouraged to write or draw a thank you card for someone that they are truly grateful for in their life. 
In December, the students will understand the importance of being honest and trustworthy. Discussions will be made about the difficulty of telling the truth even when it is super hard and how important our words are when talking to each other.
January is the month of perseverance and diligence. It is a difficult month because students have to return to school and get back to learning and focusing on their education. Students learn that life presents difficult challenges but we never quit or give up. We work harder and become smarter!
February is kindness month. We celebrate the Random Acts of Kindness week during this month. Students are celebrating kindness through different daily dress-up themes. Students are given a list of kindness acts that they may try in and out of school. Our motto is "Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today!"
March is Empathy. We learn about walking in other people's shoes and understanding the importance of our differences when it comes to reacting to situations. We also try to understand the importance to care for someone else's feelings and recognize when our peers are in need of our presence.
April is the month for understanding courage. Situations can be scary, but if we have the courage to try, we might discover the enjoyment in learning from it. It also takes a lot of courage to stand up for what is right, even when everyone else is going in the opposite direction. We revisit bullying and the importance to stand-up and not stand-by bullies. 
May is our last character trait for the school year and we focus on citizenship. Our students understand their importance in our school and community and how their character can help make our school and community a better place for everyone. They are reminded that they can make the world a better place!

Working as a team between home and school is our main priority. It takes a village to raise a child, and if we all work together, all our students will be successful at school and in life.